What's the matter ?

Namma Bengaluru is known for its warm and welcoming people. The city has always been the favourite of millions of people who consider it home. However, people also have found Bangalore to be unsafe. Common problems faced by public :-

In such situations, people hesitate to ask help from police, due to false propoganda created by social media and movies / television shows. Police have been often stereotyped and media has often portrayed a negative image about them.

What's the solution ?

An app installed in your mobile phone which is location-aware, to help citizens connect with local police / law enforcement agencies. Key features :-

  1. Request the nearest police officer in your neighbourhood at the press of a button. It raises a distress signal and alerts nearby police.
  2. Any police in the vicinity will at once know the user's location and can choose to accept the request and solve the issue
  3. Rate the police out of 5. Ratings of police will be private information and civilians can rate anonymously. Police can rate civilians too.
  4. Police ranking and reward / badge system, to encourage positive spirit and good work.
  5. Algorithm that ensures that only police with positive reviews and good ratings get more cases. Potentially would help in preventing bribery / corruption. Can be used as a performance metric by the police department and other agencies to reward officers and promote them.
  6. Data collected from locations, crime cases solved etc can be visualized and put in a graph / charts / dashboard form. Data visualization on crime rates and statistics from a locality would be accessible by public online at http://nammapolice.booleanhunter.com/stats

This way, we aim to connect the people of Bangalore with the Bangalore Police using technology, which will ensure that citizens get necessary help during emergency, and also will clear the wrong stereotypes about police. This will ensure public awareness and safety and will help Namma Police become a well respected and admired task force.

Working model includes